Immune system

Boost your immune system with some intermittent fasting: Read More


Epigenetics- the p53 tumour suppressor gene can be controlled by diet: Read More

Glucose and cancer

There is a common misconception that glucose only fuels cancer. Glutamine an amino acid is also converted to fuel and here researchers pinpoint fat as helping to cause metastasis. How to stop it? A combination of diet, supplements, drugs and exercise. Many cancer peeps need to go beyond the ketogenic diet! Read More


Parents of children with leukaemia need to read this- Critical information Read More

Diet and cancer

This website has many articles and a video with Valter Longo about dietary restriction and how to overcome cancer. Valter Longo PhD. is a Professor in Gerontology and Professor in Biological Science and the Director of the USC Longevity Institute. He is interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of aging and the molecular pathways that can protect against multiple stresses and treat or prevent cancer. His pioneering research is helping us understand why diet and modifying the mTOR pathway can be such an effective tool in the fight against cancer. Read More

K-Ras gene

The role of K-Ras gene in allowing glucose and glutamine to be used as energy to fuel tumour growth. Read More

Multi modal approach 

If starving a cancer of glucose was the answer, many more people would survive. However it often fails as this approach is not enough on its own. This article suggests the method may even backfire! To prevent this, a multi modal approach needs to be adopted with a combination of drugs, supplements, diet and exercise. Read More

Extra links

Here is a list of useful links to my research.Read More